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Horsebee is the hassle free way to find the right horse groom, independently vetted and ready to start at a moment's notice. Horsebee is quickly building the largest pool of grooms in Europe, finally adressing the shortfall of competent staff in our industry.

Experienced, Dependable Grooms

Our horse grooms have extensive experience in stable duties, shows or home grooming and basic horse health care, and need to keep a quality rating of 4.2 stars or above to remain in the platform.

Fully Screened and Insured coming soon

Our Horsebees are well established in the industry, manualy vetted and police-checked, and fully insured.

Happiness Guaranteed

Your happiness is our top priority - if you're not 100% happy with the groom that we send you, we'll organise a replacement Horsebee groom at no extra charge.

Let Horsebee make your stable run smoother

There is a Horsebees out there for all of your needs... what are you waiting for?

The most common grooming requests we get are:

Mucking out stalls

Tacking up and off

Bathing and brushing

Mane and tail braiding

Stress-free horse clipping

Administering basic first aid for cuts and scrapes

Driving trucks and trailers to shows and tours

Our highly adaptable freelance grooms are also able to feel in short term positions, shows and tours are a moment’s notice

How it works

Your Requirements

Life’s too short to be looking around high and low for your ideal groom. Just tell us your requiments in a few clicks...

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Our unique algorithm will match your position with the most suitable Horsebee in the fastest growing community of grooms in Europe

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At your fingertips:

a remote control for your errands

  • Localised

    We detect which country you are visiting us from and automatically select it for you.

  • Position

    You tell us if you need a groom for an upcoming event, to join your stable permanently or just looking to fill a casual position.

  • Experience

    Lastly, the level of experience you require from your ideal Horsebee, and our unique algorithm will do its magic!